Saturday, November 13, 2010

Inductive Reasoning

i love counting each step taken
and the vibrations in my ear
though i am still unsure of a universe
dominated by mathematical
observation has me continuing
to unveil fractures in a
fractaled world - Note:
orbiting the
streets i frequent seems to bring
a symmetry of comfort and
deja'vu...but viewing them
from a safe distant - they appear
to be chaotic and without form...

i am thinking of seeking the
opinion of a physicist - friends
have recommended
and the laying off of hallucinogenics
--but then - my hypothesis
would lose its control substance
to something easily
concluded by
logical argument

copyrighted 2010


  1. Wow, this poem is so intelligent I had to reach to understand......still reaching..... my hat is off to you for writing something so thought provoking.

  2. thank you Sherry, i love fractals and chaos theory...glad you enjoyed it....bkm

  3. I have a lot of sympathy for the underlying thought in this poem, which as Sherry says, needs the reader's close attention. However, I can't quite agree that mathematical formulae dominate the Universe. Math describes (if you like, quantifies) some aspects of the Universe, in some cases with astonishing accuracy. And remember that the astonishing complexity of fractals is generated from formulae of astonishing simplicity!

  4. Doctor...mmm..have been thinking about your comment...maybe I need to clarify or rethink wording...orginally my thoughts went further than just the formuala for fractals...encompassing the more complex ...String theory, M theory, etc, etc....and the domination came from a discussion with my sister who believes it to be such and that math is not God, but is the language of creation...thanks for your thoughts...bkm

  5. 'something easily
    concluded by
    logical argument'
    OMG! Can't have that! :-)