Thursday, September 23, 2010

Still Life

You took the a Acqua de Pama
bottle from my dresser
placed it on the newly inherited
Queen Anne vanity
in the corner of the bedroom...just so,

along with freshly cut
and fully stemmed apricot roses
to reflect the shades of morning
sunlight filtering through the
lace curtains, and going

to your designated chest
of drawers - pulled the silken scarf
that was your mothers
and rested it ever so gently between
scent and full bloom.  Always you

the artist by nature; perfection
worn like a royal, with eye skilled
at absorbing and mirroring to canvas, still life.
Still life, it was to became the crown
you donned for your court.   I lied

on the bed and took in
the genius of your process, watching as you
released but a touch of fragrance
from the petite well creating a palette of mood
and as the room filled with colour you began

sketching.   Sipping the morning I
felt life stir within me, encapsulating my
fantasy and flesh to the point of
wanting more than sips of sunlight  - so
lifting myself off the mattress, I

moved hurried towards the hall - you kindly
asked where I would be heading; and
could not reply, as I remembered so clearly
you did not sketch nudes, no
your mother never did approve
of it...



  1. A beautifully layered piece. I found the second to last stanza particularly evocative and sensual.

  2. This is luscious ... every provocative word.

  3. very provocative and sexy, i like "sipping the morning"

  4. Great poem. Has anyone ever told you that you write like Eireann Corrigan? Very salacious poetry.


  5. Bravo this is incredible before I got to the "worn like a royal" I was imagining a Victorian Castle with an artist painting the rooms for the enjoyment of others. This is so sensual and I just want to be in a small part of it.

  6. My life drawing class was nothing like this! LOL :)

  7. my dear..this was wonderful
    and I now need some water :)


  8. "your mother never did approve".
    I hate you! Such a sensuous poem, lifted me into delights of colour and scents then pulled out the rug! Some mothers should be drowned at birth! Luverly!

  9. thank you all -

    crb --have not read Eieanne Corrigan - will look her up and read some of her pieces..

    Oh Stafford, I agree....(you made me laugh, I mean really laugh)...

  10. A provocative piece of writing but why did she have to run off the bed???
    No seriously, this was lovely!

  11. "watching as you released but a touch of fragrance"
    ...well well....the poem itself is so eye catching

  12. more than sips of sunlight...tight. love how you did the breaks in the stanzas as well...smokin mag!

  13. A bit of a romance novel there..this is redolent as a rare perfume!

  14. i loved the touch of romance in it.. lovely work

  15. I was fantasizing over having the ability to place a vase, move the flowers, lay a scarf perfectly and was lulled into the center of the room.... and then the nude left.

    I had not noticed her, due to your brilliant description of the atmosphere. Beautiful manipulation magpie.

  16. sensual , warm and so kind !

  17. Bkm...this is so sensual and delightfully written...your writing always inspires me!

  18. So many beautiful images-- my favorite "sipping morning"--- lovely!

  19. "between scent and full bloom"

    what a wonderful place to be!

  20. It is no wonder you write your name thus: signed...bkm

    NEVER can you be ashamed to sign your work, so goooood.

  21. Oh...this is nice. Very nice. I think this evocative piece is my favorite of yours.

  22. Dear bkm...
    I was terribly busy with my sister's wedding and events piled up one after another. But I was waiting for a lull in my schedule just for your poem - because this prompt was made for you.

    And this Sunday morning - I am here. and I was right to wait.

    Your magpie is the most sensual, naughty and too lovely - just as I expected it to be.

    and Stafford got it right...I burst out laughing too!

  23. ninotaziz---thank you for your wonderful comment...did enjjoy this one...amazing what a prompt will do and where it will take your mind...most of the the time I look at it and have to sleep on it for a day...and see what comes....hope others could see the layers in it...always good to here from you....blessings..bkm

  24. More than a touch of romance here - more like an unrequited passion. You set it up beautifully. On the cusp of innocence and worldliness.

  25. Wow! ... absolutely wonderful and brilliantly written.

  26. Beautifully narrated ... and you surprised us at the end. Oh my!

    I like this. Enjoyed much. Excellent Magpie ...

  27. I loved the form...and your words are always so descriptive and enjoyable.

  28. Descriptive, romantic... yet 'your mother never did approve'.

    Great magpie

  29. romantic and beautifully wrought, a poem that will follow me. well done.

  30. A vivid portrayal of the scene. Great Magpie.