Monday, September 13, 2010

Roses and Lovers...

Never accept second hand roses
when first hand roses will do...
For second hand lovers and friends
quite often prove unworthy,
and untrue..
First hand lovers on the other hand
still soft hearted young and new..are
Always willing to bring first hand roses,
and love fresh, enchanting and true...

be you a first hand lover of roses
and truest lover of life ,
(indulge) shall never be disappointed
unless you expect the same lightening to kiss you twice....



  1. I absolutely adore this, I have felt this sentiment all year long and thank you for putting words to feelings I can't express.

    You have an amazing blog.

  2. Thank you Gabriella...(what a beautiful name)...I am so pleased you adore this....blessings...bkm

  3. This is so lovely and i just love the last line...!!!! :-)

  4. this is a wonderful piece...i like to think myself a first hand lover of roses or otherwise...and aspire to stay...

  5. Yes Brian...stay a first hand lover...and life will always treat you the same...blessings..bkm

  6. Oh beautiful. Funny, I wrote about lasting love today too...

  7. Simply lovely-- and so wise! A beautiful poem.

  8. cute and fun read.
    it has the sweet and loving smell.

  9. Thank you for reminding us all not to settle for 2nd best! God has so much in store for each one, firsts and bests.

  10. Whoa, this is a fantastically true statement, SO well said! My hat is off to you!

  11. Always willing to bring first hand roses,
    and love fresh, enchanting and true...

    We all deserve this. A shame that second hand roses abound though. I love your romance and aspire for it myself. Beautiful love poem.

  12. oOOo, I see my soul sista Gabs found you. She da coolest.

    Fine advice indeed within this lilting poem. I'm a sucker for flowers. Always have been.

  13. This is such a beautifully written poem, and so very true. I like it when someone writes in a way that causes me to look at something in a unique way. THIS poem does that.

  14. I liked that very much, it seems to have your special point of view....Thanks.

  15. Beautifully written, and I like the bite at the end. Thank you.