Thursday, September 2, 2010

from here to eternity

kiss me like the fallen
with suicidal cause
kiss me with clark gable eyes
and gary cooper pause
make me feel like brando's stella
on this street car named desire
do not speak, just kiss me
let the flames keep growing higher....

and kiss me in the moment
of passions sweltering flame
calling it just what it is
not by any other name
pull me closer as if dying
and this my fatal kiss - with only
its one last hold for you to reminisce

let me be your betty davis, your o'neil
your vivian leigh - your jeszebel tonight
for you - only you i'll be-
her or any other, just kiss me
this i plea , kiss me, yes please kiss me
as lancaster kissed miss kerr
from here - to eternity......

copyrighted 2010

posted for Poets United Think Tank Thursday....Kiss


  1. Ah, yes..that is the all-time great screen kiss, is it not? Your poem captures perfectly the magic a kiss can be..what we all long for...and are sometimes..some wonderful times, dazzled to be given!

    Great post!


  2. super sweet,
    both hot and cool,
    your words are magical!

  3. A wonderful take on the prompt! =)


  4. BKM, this is a wonderful poem. Truly "hot." I just love the mention of all the old screen actresses and then...Jezebel.

  5. I love the layout of this poem!
    Nice one!

  6. oh i love your poem - and i love being kissed - and i love the look in the lover's eyes just the second before he decides to kiss you….swoon….

  7. had me at Clark Gable eyes....yeah.

  8. Gosh!
    the more i read you the more I like it!

  9. All you had to do was list their names and the images of all those great kisses and kissers flashed in front of my eyes. Great take on the prompt,


  10. Beautiful poem, BKM. I can just see some of those old movies and can picture those kisses. Be still, my heart!

  11. I love all the movie memories this brings back. A sizzling poem!

  12. What the hell...did this like....just turn me on?


    Amazing........your words just shook how can I put it...well..basically...

    "kiss me like the fallen
    with suicidal cause" <----as a open liner is not fair.....because...THAT IS JUST TOO tell you BKM....if a woman recites your poem to me, I may have to re-think my opinion on marriage.

    Nice post love. Actually, great post.

  13. I am in awe of your poetic beauty!

    Such a remarkable poem, and beyond remarkable kisses!


  14. thank you everyone for the kind words and comments...blessings and (kisses) to you all...bkm

  15. awwwwwww this is really hot!!! i love it, bkm! :)

  16. Beautiful poem with such strong feeling.Nice.

  17. Dear bkm,
    This is a poem only you could have written because you are in love with love. And we are in love with your idea of love.

    Here's to that loving feeling you inspired in all of us!

  18. I love this poem! (on a side note, i read somewhere that Clark Gable suffered from halitosis. ha ha)

  19. Oh this was great! Felt the urgency and desire and heat in this piece. And since blogger wouldn't let me comment on your magpie:
    Enjoyed the tone and attitude and how you incorporated both the apple and the magazine. AND glad that I could finally make it over here. I'd missed quite a few posts. Oh horrors! Can't have that :-)