Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Door

A compilation of Love, it is what
I am looking for...not
lovers....the door stands wide open
close it; locked it will never be -
the key is here - handed over  with only
one required cure... ensure that
you shut it tight behind you
no matter the
side you take...lure
I  remain ....

copyrighted 2010


  1. Powerful stuff. Wonderful imagery even without the photograph (which is gorgeous--i could live behind that door!). A great "compilation" for contemplation. Thank you.

  2. nice...i like the lure me there at the end...may you stay content and happy behind that door...

  3. It takes wisdom to know when to keep the door open and when to gently close it.
    Beautiful image

  4. bkm, I have been woefully negligent about getting over here, which I deeply regret. Have read you comments elsewhere and appreciated ... You've been on my "to do" list ... I plan to make up for such laxity.

    Meanwhile, first - the blog is absolutely lovely ... and clear and easy to read. Much appreciated! :-)

    I enjoyed your poem ... love is the thing of value ... easy to be a lover, harder to be a friend ... Nice work ... and, yes, maybe better to stay behind sometimes ...

    Happy Rally ... not sure which one is your Rally, but I'm here to visit for awhile and read several.

  5. I love this...either in or out, ambiguity has no place here. Wonderful.

  6. "shut it tight behind you
    no matter the
    side you take" A plea for commitment... a must for contentment. What a wonderful line in an excellent poem!