Sunday, August 1, 2010

Brave's New World

The history has past from calling you brother
Today you look beyond the time of the setting rays
And walk much closer to the window of the newest century

Not always so – willing to look so forward
There were only the memories of winters behind
The smell of spring in the first thaw

Time’s meaning had a greater meaning then
You watched the herds for signs of movement
You listened closer to the wind’s words

Voices today all melt together carrying no song
The sun still sets on the western horizon
The wolf once more seeks shelter beneath the snow

In your face I read the turmoil of worlds
You glance at the window hungry to pass
This gap of era’s linked only by Wikipedia’s portal

Your youth still finds favor in resumes
The choice of destiny stands impatiently bookmarked
You must let the call die quickly –

Or accept communion with the Greater Spirits

copyrighted 2009

Posted for Poets United - Poetry Pantry


  1. hmmm....the passage of time...the old ways lost and forgotten maybe...not necessarily a good thing...

  2. listened closer to the wind's words.. like this
    and i think it's a lot we can learn from history - but still should live the now..

  3. ...and yet, everything does change, welcome or dreaded. Enjoyed this, bkm.

  4. Your poem is stunning and thought-provoking.

    I am struck by " Voies together all melt together, carrying on song."

    I hope you wil comment on my blog, but at the moment I am opening it up only to invited poets. I looked for your email address and could not find it. If you could send it to me at, I would send you a blogger invite. So annoying for me right now, but necessary. Sigh.

  5. Tenderly written, and beautiful. Just beautiful.

  6. Time's meaning did have "greater meaning then." Good point! Thank you.

  7. An excellent post! Beautifully written piece here with some solid imagery!


  8. yesterday night i watched a documentary on history channel about sitting bull a brave Sioux chief of tribe who die protecting the values of his tribe. reading this poem reminds me of his reminds me of the great lost mankind has caused upon itself. we have almost wiped out a great civilizations just because we have different customs and believes. fantastic poem.
    i have shared it on my Facebook page for others to understand history.

  9. I really enjoyed this poem. I also loved "you listened closer to the wind's words" - very
    apt. And I especially admired "voices...melt together carrying no song" - powerful......and the "wolf......seeks shelter beneath the snow."

    Awesome. Good work!

  10. it is costy to learn from one's own experiences of everything, learning from history or other people's experiences is wise and critical...

    thanks for paying closer attention to the nature...
    beautiful mindset.

  11. Nice write. Change is constant, we only try to make ourselves flexible enough to fit into the new trend as we comfortably take a stroll down memory lane.

    Have a splendid August and a super week.


  12. i love how you opened the first stanza, really beautiful, full of haunting and loss. I like how you didn't use any puncuation, how it flowed like time. great work bkm!

  13. Truly excellent work. So much history, so much time, so many eras. Very creative title. Meaningful especially after having read the entire poem!

  14. Dear bkm: Evocative words of long lost wolf. An amazing line;

    Voices today all melt together carrying no song
    The sun still sets on the western horizon
    The wolf once more seeks shelter beneath the snow

    Where the past and future melt together with native ghost-life as real now as the spirit then; this spirit walker soul lives on and on. Thank-you for this mezmerizing poem! ps could you please tell me what tribe this native; I love native american studies!To me looks Cherokee or Shawnee? Amazing!