Sunday, July 4, 2010



Loving magic; what I think to be
in words you 
gently speak to me
the silence,
 its sighs
Loving silence; what it seems to be
it sighs to me
with magic eyes


gilded twilight
holds you
life mirrors
bathing day
immersing will
purifed in
gild..purified in
 gilded twilight

copyrighted 2010

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  1. twilight is such a magical time , on the cusp between light and dark...

  2. Thank you Rajesh and Brian for your visit and comments...bkm

  3. beautiful images,
    well done!

  4. "Loving magic; what I think to be
    in words you
    gently speak to me"

    Starts with a superb opening, just gets better. Nice!

  5. such beauty in the words and the images portrayed... Heartspell

  6. The language of love always a mystery. So beautifully conveyed in your words. I was spellbound

    thanks for helping us get One Shot Wednesday up and running

  7. purified in gilded twilight.....beautiful words and love the blog..glad you have settled Pete

  8. I love twilight as well and it always does something to my mood - feels like a blues all the time..and I love taking pictures then..and write words of big emotions. Nice to meet you!

  9. Thank you all for your beautiful comments...glad to participate in One Shot Wednesday and meet so many new writers....bkm

  10. nicely put... I'm not a fan of the "Twilight" series. so I was a little thrown off.

    but the emphasis on the state of limbo, between night and day, and the contrast of either side that's very interesting to me.

    I have to digest part "i" a little more tho... i can be slow like that.

  11. Divisoria..not really written for the Twilight series....I do not follow it either....more for the view of love at Twilight...a lovely time of the day....thank you for your visit...bkm

  12. Ahh.. magical!!! These Wow words and the great writing style in this poem brought back some lovely memories...and have made me appreciate that amazing phenomenon called 'twilight' all over again !
    Thanks bkm, for this awesome piece...

  13. First, thank you so much for your visit and comment at my Word Garden. Please do visit any time the spirit moves. :-)

    I was surprised and delighted when I saw your header. It's beautiful.

    And the poem...I have read it three times and love the tone, but I am full of questions. I can't place the form, but I am not sharp on forms. But I think the poem is not finished speaking to me yet, so let me go listen....

  14. thank you all for your beautiful comments....

    Fireblossom - I am not good on form either --- I just know the poetry pieces I have read and loved and throughtout the years - the form is what comes- I think if I tried to follow a specific form I would never write....blessings and thank you for adding me to your blogroll -- I am sure I will visit you again....bkm