Saturday, June 26, 2010

Confessions: If I...

If I felt it possible to conquer you
I’d head right out to fight the war
But this being so far from the truth
I willing surrender you that privileged score

If I felt that I could pass you by
I’d give you not one solitary thought further
But with this being, but a blatant lie
I succumb to my contemplative splendor

And If I felt you were not worth the price
I’d leave this besotted world debt and burden free
But as the swallow sings freedom overhead
I know he is merely mocking, that fool who breathes in me

For to conquer you, would constitute my losing
Passing you by, this not even choice
And as for price, what price should not be paid?
When the heart finally comes to know - the lover’s voice

bkmackenzie 2010


  1. "I succumb to my contemplative splendor" - wow. Also "as the swallow sings freedom overhead" - SO wonderful! Good poem!

  2. what a brave confession, well put.

  3. Brave and truthful words in this beautiful always amaze me with your talent!

  4. I came upon this poem today while trolling your site for an appropriate out of the way place to leave you an appreciative "award", Click Me
    , and the last line just blew me away! It makes me want to sing in response.

    I don't do "awards" but today I just wanted to sight you and some others whose writings bring me great joy and in the process bring you to them. :)