Friday, December 9, 2016

so they came and i could but leave in haste

So they came and I could but leave in haste
their arms could not hold me in warmth or in love
or would I care it so
for flight is stronger to a bird then caring, as
caution always falls upon a restless soul
So if I marry, No I will not, for a vow
not taken solemn is not
So let them come and
let them show a weaker self in all their sighing; and let them
drink and speak of spring and vows falling
like kissed petals from a branch
but I can not care nor would I stay past autumn
not for warmth or love
for winter begs me home

2016 (copyrighted)


  1. A very seasoned and well poem

  2. indeed! life cycles on, a very exquisite write

    much love...

  3. I think everyone has to find his / her own reasons to marry....or not.
    Well penned.

  4. WOW! I love this one, especially vows falling like kissed petals from a branch, which is how a lot of vows are made these days. Love the way this poem closes.

  5. This is soo beautiful! I believe marriage requires mutual love and respect.. and ofcourse a bit of compatibility❤️

  6. Engage or flight? But does the leaving offer much to those ever determined to remain cautious and never stay? I can ask as one of the cautious ones--or transient ones--depending on how you look at it. Or maybe it is more than a wisdom and stoicism not to own the world and be held by it? As I read your poem with the broken vows again--I'm thinking that we may embrace this as well, own it all rather than one little piece of either/or. That's a greater unity, isn't it? akin to the seasons and the cycles of earth. Inspired by your poem.

  7. We each should be able to choose our own way in life and be ourselves and not conform to old fashioned norms. Luckily this does seem more acceptable these days.

  8. Marriage is no small matter. One really has to think long and hard or regret it for a life-time


  9. Beautifully said – and quite a fascinating glimpse into what seems to be a character and a story that I'd like to read more about

  10. Your style is strongly stamped in the phrasing of this poem. The me against the world theme is one the reader can relate to - one admires the speaker's resolve.

  11. There is no stoppng it and "winter begs me home." We just try to keep up, with a little dignity left hanging from our bones..."She done the best she knowed how."

  12. You just keep rolling them out !! A five star piece. ***** :)

  13. This has a wonderful, lyrical, wisp-of-a-medieval cadence and vibe to it. Lovely words ... beautifully crafted.

  14. One of the things I most miss about blogging is being able to read such exquisite poetry. This is gorgeous, bkm.