Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Aleppo's children

I have never
known him to throw away
timeframes and brutal thought

something's are criminal

but the air holds its own breeze
and the chiming of clock
is about to stand
in place
we are all soldiers of our
own cause no matter how sacred
we profess

we place a chain around
each ankle
and call it virtue
while the crumbs on the floor
seemingly crawl away

and the orchestra
plays Beethoven's 9th
over the cries of
Aleppo's children



  1. Creation's creation or something else

  2. Some people think they can justify any brutal and inhuman act if they shout loudly enough and give excuses couched in religion or philosophy or an insane world-order they've dreamed up. Yet the cries of the children of Aleppo are not muted no matter how loudly the orchestra plays...