Thursday, September 25, 2014

trying to decide..

I am trying to
Decide why my neighbor
Brings me eggplant
And the rain
Runs straight down the sidewalk crack

I am trying to decide
Why Jesus forgot
Me, and others
Who do not eat eggplant or some cauliflower things

I am trying to decide
Why humans fall and fall again
Why the rain falls
But the wind does
Not fall, but I fall

Why we all move somewhere, somehow
Until we move no more
Up, down or to this side of
Something or that side of something - i.e. a place, a cause, a belief
Like in a Jesus
Who has forgotten you
Or in an ideal that
Lies to you and to your neighbor
and to your dog with  promise
Of solids in virtue and meal

I am trying to decide
If this cracked sidewalk falling is all real
Or that Buddhist illusionist thing

And if so
Why does my
Neighbor keep bringing me eggplants
That my dog won't
And my soul can not hold as
As a truth.

I am trying to decide

copyrighted 2014

Painting by MaggieSiner


  1. Love the mix of deep and lighthearted questions here Bkm. Thought provoking for sure. I love the line "I am trying to decide why humans fall and fall again why the rain falls but the wind does not fall, but I fall".....hope all is well with you these days Barbara. :-)

  2. I've decided...I like this poem!
    Always wonderful.

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