Wednesday, January 15, 2014

words to a lover...

chaos brings me peace
and falling into the tempest needed life
blood that lies stagnant or whole
does not run, it is chaos
that feeds, binds cause to move
decisions made leads us
not to  a clarity but to a common
relished only by decayed
saints and lost virgin souls

it is not the passion, the storm of it
a loves true

so do feed this
my need for eternal reform, and
pour my wine again most willingly and disavowed

as beg I, do not
love me for loves sake, but for its madness and its melody
for its tender
and its recanted touch, that say I fully 
love me separate and apart as
only chaos could seem fit

til' this
my heart
is torn wide and rendered bare

copyrighted 2014


  1. ah vivid...esp the closure...

    do not
    love me for loves sake, but for its madness and its melody
    for its tender
    and its recanted touch, that say I fully
    love me separate and apart as
    only chaos could seem fit

    fav lines!!!

    love is madness...

    1. thank you Brian - memorable love it forever mad...bkm

  2. chaos as the point for eternal reform... i love this.

  3. Let us pour our decanted into old wineskins.

    1. old wineskins have many a story to is best to listen to them that we learn...bkm

  4. My dear Barbara, you DO put a whole new light on my concept of CHAOS, although I'll keep adjective "chaotic" in all its unfetteredness--intact. But chaos. WAIT! I changed my mind about "chaotic" It FITS RIGHT IN...thank you so much for these insights.
    A simple "mad, passionate and wild nite of unruly love-making and madness, will NEVER AGAIN be enough.

    I just wish I had learned about the love-chaos commection BEFORE i was age 80!--grin!

    1. We are never to old to fall in be chaotic or submerse ourselves in its joy and renewal..thank you for your words...bkm

  5. Some of these things, essential in the human heart, are almost impossible to sustain between human beings -- not without a language that, I suspect, only the next poem may yet locate. That place is close here, if only in the saying. Great stuff - B

    1. Love or the promise of it never leaves us and how could it. And to love without madness is to love incomplete. Thank you much for you kind words... bkm

  6. Barbara, you obviously have lived love.

  7. as beautiful as chaos itself

    "Chaos is good news." Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche