Friday, August 9, 2013


you touch my shoulder
carbon copy my soul
     you breathe
     I bend

you strip all sense
all form, all known common
as prayer, or as faith
laid now to rest

you throw to the seas
all color and precept
I fall to its
truth forbidden - unclaimed
     you breathe
     I bend, I morph as forgotten
by all that is ordered
contained and denied

in the still
and the chaos, I see your reflection
     you breathe
     and I bend
I move in your sight

copyrighted 2013



  1. B. Hi. This is deep...deep stuff. I picture myself climbing the highest hill to visit the guru astride the peak. I ask him, "What is the meaning of life?" He carefully recites your poem.

    Satisfied, I carry home with me a copy of your painting--ABSTRACT.

    How GOOD I suddenly feel!

  2. Good for you Steve...thank you kindly - many blessings....bkm

  3. I fall to its
    truth forbidden - unclaimed
    you breathe
    I bend, I morph as forgotten

    very cool section for the repetition of you breathe i bed as well...

  4. you are such an amazing writer. I truly appreciate your writings; everytime