Thursday, November 1, 2012

filling spaces

more clinical
then eating oysters in Key West
or sailing the
pools of sweat on your belly after sex
is the lining of shelf
with yellowed news print

for in it is the filling of space, and
the repeat of history
headlines not forgotten (never being lived)
by preference

do you understand such sentiment?  really
the print is too small to
follow along
for what i want is
the attention of detailing
in this relationship, and  i want clean
with a taste of
giving that
exotic curvature to this transparent world

my hand is drawn to
flat and firm, as texture is to easily redefined
by a generation
as lies become truths and
legend  - fact

while along we swim together eating of
oysters and producing oral
history - but Really it is the filling of spaces i prefer
with yellowed print
like curry

copyrighted 2012


  1. much to love in this one bk....from the oysters to the sweat pools after sex...but the lining of the cabinets as well..i love to read the old clippings...the clean with curry giving the exotic curvature...ha, love that part...

    1. Thanks much Brian - you are always a gem I am glad you liked it...bkm

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you my gnome friend...yellow or yellowed..there is something about a past we have not live...blessings...bkm

  3. again i am prompted to respond to this because i simply can not not respond. there is so much awesome in this... though i am curious if all that i got out of it was what u intended. u keep the old news around to not forget lessons and histories passed? because old truths are bittersweet and hold a caliber of flavor beyond the cheap present? idk if thats right. but loved it the same.

    1. Michael thank you so much for your comment yes our present is least we think it is while living it...what has passed is always a temptation of our mind and soul...bkm

  4. Love the oysters throughout... sensuous.

  5. this is a steamy piece bkm... lotta heat to go with those oysters. lovely write!!

  6. You clever woman, you appeal to our sensual selves... quite effectively. And then you convince us that the essence lies in the experience, in the in-between.