Friday, July 6, 2012

how can a world?

how can a world so barren
be so beautiful? how can i love but you in
this way or any other?

how can a world built on such sorrow
be my heart, be a pallatte bright, a light so
fresh - so pure, so right innocent of love
but for, not of you?     how?

tell me

how? can a world so
empty of all - be
so full, be so filled with such love, be what i have
always been looking
for? how can there be
anything else in this world, anyone more?
more than love, more

than you

how can a world so utterly barren, be so

copyrighted 2012


  1. OH! But this is so nice, a reverie on love, and questions already answered. SO sweet, so aware of what is important above all else. LOVE!
    Thank you, Barbara.

  2. def will fill a barren world and bring life to it surely....very nice....and def a picture of our world in many ways...

  3. Beautiful flow and word usage. It's poetry like this that makes the world less barren and love more pure.