Tuesday, November 29, 2011

common is never enough

there is a punctuation mark
on the road
a broken protocal
overlooked - i  hunt with copper in my shoe
root for semblance and aspect

solitude requires its own sheltering, its
own significance far from warmth and contentment
a return to season is placed
on hold - a return to hearth  unacceptable
the hounds task breaks all chains, ties no knots

the night will fall
common is never enough for winter

copyrighted 2011

posted for d'Verse Open Link Night....bkm


  1. ours is about to break this week...saw the scraper trucks out today getting into position...love the opening stanza...and the solitude..def needed at times...have to be careful in winter though as it creeps into a mood...

    great to see you back.

  2. winter is a tough time for me that make even common day events harder. I almost missed the figure in the photo - quite mysterious. Common, but not.

  3. What an opening line, and each one after seems to almost stand alone. The season's hidden difficulties stripped bare.

  4. ... not so bad if it were less than half the year... the most common thing about Wisconsin winters is most dislike them... except the children

  5. great imagery.. yes, the common things are much harder in the snowy season... but it damn sure looks beautiful (only when I'm not in the snow) haha

  6. Winter is more like an experience than a season and I see you 'miss' it as well. When I was age 6 (in memory) finding that cows had broken through the fences at midnight...cold, bright moonlit hillsides with 12 inches of white blanket everywhere. Near zero, wet shoes, sox, gloves, I cried through the freezing night.

    Soldiers must find life thus--at times.

    I like that winter does not 'know' common!
    Glad to be reading here again.


  7. So utterly true and beautifully spoken Bkm....so glad to see you back. I had a nice thanksgiving...thank you for asking....i hope you did as well. :-)

  8. Great feel, texture to this poem. Stark and gritty, unforgiving winter.

  9. I love this poem -- and hunting with "copper in my shoe."

  10. Amazing and compelling poem-- the first lines especially strong:

    there is a punctuation mark
    on the road
    a broken protocol
    overlooked - i hunt with copper in my shoe
    root for semblance and aspect-


  11. Oh, that first stanza is fabulous, and "solitude requires its own sheltering" and on and on. Yes, the season, but also the need.
    I do so love your work. Thank you.

  12. The title is a poem all its own! Fantastic write, potent images, lingering words...everything that makes you such an awesome poet to read! Loved it

  13. True, but winter is all too common.

    PS - welcome back Sid.