Sunday, September 4, 2011

a plum grey line

a corner of the sky
holds a plum grey line
smoke smudged by a fingertip cloud
etched by a nicotine moon - rolled and wet
sliced and slivered, as

out loud silhouettes
call in the day - cover it with hap hazard haze
in random conceal all things
colored and thought beyond shadow

violet kisses
her mother good-night - indigo awakes
moves herself by starlight along the road leading to lost, winds
herself toward underworlds
pressed to paper -

layered by wood, bedding
with belief and musing herself
with twilight - mused itself with worded silence

coyrighted 2011

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  1. So nice to hear the voice of the words!

  2. some really great visuals bk, nice play wiht the colors...

  3. What a wonderful layering of fantastic images!

  4. I love the effective use of colour in poetry, and you have painted this twilight picture with a beautiful palette. So wonderful to hear the words spoken by their author too!

  5. seductive, colorful, and in the moment of about to enjoy pleasure. layered by wood was a surprise image that gave me a little taste, too. rich stuff.

  6. Beautiful... I really enjoyed this... my fav is the 3rd stanza.

  7. Loved the color, movement and scene.

  8. What color and character you gave to twilight...

  9. can't help but feel a kinship between the poem and the Millay quote here in the sidebar.
    the lovely light of our existence, blurred into such a palette of colors.
    reflective as a pond at twilight, when the stars are just beginning to wink into being.

    stanza three is breathtaking.