Wednesday, July 20, 2011

climate change

i spread climate
all over the floor
then scrabbled to mop up the mud
with human emotion
the improbable had become probable;
you sitting there, clinging
to a wet rock,
what could i do but open
the icebox door
its polar ice cap restored balance
and returned our world
to the familar

then i made love to strawberry jam
and the crackers between your toes

copyrighted 2011


  1. those last two just opens the mind up to wonder how that might be possible...smiles.

  2. I guess climate has been changing for billions of years, before Venice and us. Through it all, the cockroach has remained.

    That roach, the cleanest being on earth, has no jam between his toes. Maybe he can teach us something?

    I LIKE this poem...even though I do not fully understand it.


  3. Steve..the climate change is actually between two people...that should give you some insight...bkm

  4. what an image...climate...crackers..jam...toes

    all climates change

  5. best of breakfasts this is!

  6. I so love this! Visually rich for the imagination to ponder. Love him clinging to a wet rock while she opens the fridge door to the polar icecap, to restore the familiar. Awesome write!