Saturday, June 25, 2011

a little Mad

Just wanted to put a quick note out, that I am back to working part-time again and learning the ropes....
( It has been a little MADding to say the least) 
so I have been lacking getting around to visit everyone...have a great weekend everyone - I will get there....bkm


  1. Hello bkm,
    I wondered what you were up to~ :D
    I have missed you~

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  3. Love writing..could do it everyday...but the resale value on $0 dollars does not have much potential....thanks Ella...miss you too..bkm

  4. Yes, it is difficult to get back into the routine of regular (even part-time) work; it throws the blogging bit all askew. Glad you are okay, however. Best of luck.

  5. Congratulations Barbara, on your new gig. The changes in life's experiences--good or bad-- are how I grow.

    Please do not feel stressed about responding to every thought which I send your way, I am simply happy for you to be working again. Many are NOT!


  6. I love the picture (being a mad fan of mad hatters)

    One day at a time, is the best way to settle into a new routine, I find.

    All the best.