Sunday, June 5, 2011


it was tranquil
the drowning,  i lay back
and slip into the muse
a new world entices me to let go
fall, fly

fly into fins, sail into deep - blue, blue-green
beneath the foreseen end
that all marked as epitaph, my, the I's dismal demise
deeper to the realm of a gods golden
glory breathing in a cosmic ocean
of rebirth, down, drown beyond all the callused crags
of soiled sinners
graced by the spoils of a sea summoned, surrendered
to receive a solitary seafaring soul

copyrighted 2011

Posted for One Shoot Sunday - Photo by Rob Hanson


  1. This is truly, truly beautiful, one of the most breathtaking, heartstopping poems I've yet read on the web, both terrible and irresistible. I love the imagery, so delicately mixed with metaphors and memories.
    Can't wait to read more of the same!

  2. smiles. let go...let it take you...sometimes i would rather not come back up for air...

  3. You know that feeling you get when you come across something so beautiful that it takes your breath away and renders you speechless. Yeah, I'm feeling that way right now.

  4. Beautiful, but sad at the same time...

  5. Beautiful words as always. Following you now on twitter. New to this, so still learning, follow me @120Socks if you wish.

  6. A well phrased, triumphant welcoming close. Like where you took this poem into the realm of gods and cosmos. Has a very inspiring tone.

  7. Even the stagnant pond holds something of ocean and her ability to float our imaginations and beings away. Esp like "...fall, fly/fly into fins..' almost a darwinian feel of time and change.

  8. Enjoyed your weaving of when the muse takes me away from here ~

  9. "...all the callused crags / of soil sinners." That's beautiful. The whole poem's beautiful.

  10. So beautiful--I believe I just drowned in your words.

  11. I needed to hear this. I too need to "lay back and slip into the muse", to be taken.

    Simply beautiful, it touches.

  12. Love the image of "soiled sinners" echoed by "spoils of a sea..." A voluptuous a Siren of nothingness! Beautiful!

  13. drowning into a world beyond the surface...serene..

  14. Wow! A meditative poem that pulls like a silken skein to sweetly drown and give in! Love how you just wove it in, BKM!

  15. Wowzers, bkm!!!!! "glory breathing in a cosmic ocean........a sea receive a solitary seafaring soul." Glorious!

  16. a cosmic ocean
    of rebirth

    And that's how all poet's words come into being...