Friday, April 29, 2011

talking heads

little thought
appears in the presence
of movement, of action

we react like flock
without wings to carry us further
exception: from truth 
a leader consists of anyone, thing
appearing different or wearing
a suit shoulder padded, tall in stature

cracks are
developing in concrete, laid
decades ago - erosion has filled
them with thought - once
read out loud, heralded
front page worth

as path carries cadence chanted
to zen progressions
numbing, constant, considered holy mantra
to devotees of governing
and talking heads 

copyrighted 2011

Photo by Joel Burgess:  My Son


  1. Well. So well and Fascinating Your Sign and Philosophical Profile. All The reflections Very depth with imagery but real. Thank You for sharing so amazing. Best Wishes.

  2. Talking heads = little thought. Nice equation.

  3. Poem and image both thought-provoking, Barbara. I love what you write about cracks in concrete that was laid years ago. Everyone expects the current leader to fix a whole system that has been wildly off the rails for decades. Well done. Made methink: and applaud!

  4. This is a highly intelligent piece, and encourages a deeply reflective mood. Much appreciated.

  5. I dig poems that require multiple readings for a satisfying interpretation. Excellent job! :D

  6. Wonderful expression of the folly that is our entangled ideology. Wonderful write ~ Rose

  7. I love how you have left this open for interpretation, Barb. Many times, too much talking equals, too little thinking.


  8. I love typical and desperate of our culture.

    "Where He leads me I will follow..."

  9. nice bit of social commentary bk...the erosion of the foundation for sure...and politic has become a mindless religeon..

  10. The lips mouth words but the brain is nowhere to be seen in our polity anymore.Your first line is something so obvious, so basic, one ought to not need it pointed out, but each further line drives it home. The cracks split open--maybe we'll get a meadow instead of concrete, just by default.

  11. seen as a whole and as individuals, a difference it makes, yet, talking heads

  12. Wow, really enjoyed this...I am going back to read it again...nice spiritual and political imagery. Cheers.

  13. Now you have me thinking ... seriously you do. You put me to thought. Great poem. Great word choices, voice and lines. The images were strong.

  14. Thank for all comments and glad that I have some thinking...this photo my son took on a trip to had me thinking from the first time I saw it...bkm

  15. Love the title's juxtaposition with the headless statues. I was really captured by the repetition of certain consonants, like the hard C's in the final stanzas. Whoa I guess I was. "Captured" starts with a hard C. Terrific, thoughtful poem.