Friday, April 22, 2011

Secrets Within

onions are layered
should be peeled, pure
yet, you cut them and chop them
like everyones words
pungent and stinging tears run down your face
you saute them
in butter, brown off all trace
of nature, their nature - their meant perfume
then run from their presence
escaping a room - claiming garlic was hung
to ward off all ill
i find hard this to swallow -all the words did you kill

layered beauty
are onions, layered are words
meant to be raw - meant to be heard
peel them, ponder
each separate line - beneath sits a sweetest
tender and fine
as nature delivers from any a gem
once earthen, buried, secret verbs lying
hidden within

copyrighted 2011

Posted for Poet's United Think Tank: Secrets


  1. excellent metaphor for be savored and not stripped down beyond their nature for sure...

  2. omioms and words - what else makes us cry?
    interesting and evocative poem

  3. I love onions! And this poems makes me think deeply bkm...

  4. onions and words---so similar- can be sweet can be biting! Great poem.

  5. Barbara,
    What a clever thought with regard to secrets.
    Layers peeled and revealed...and the tears..

    Happy Easter,