Wednesday, April 13, 2011

as Paris knows of it...

i wanted to send post
from Liverpool, but not having in-tersected
not having clue to its street, the
 beat of it, i could not fare its postage
and sleep well
on it

but i have been in love, yes in-love
knowing well of it, as Paris
knows of it, as the heart
 knows of it
 having fared its passage
 as any heart fares
tethered by beat
first to last
able to move well on its own, throughout the
 sculpted streets
of loving, willing to host its
flight of fancy
without discard or tourist
sentiment posted

as Paris knows of it, Love

copyrighted 2011


  1. Love the jerky flow of this poem reflecting a sense of pause, hesitancy and uncertainty! Very interesting, lightly repetitive expressions intersect this thought line!

  2. i like the pop from the postcard to love...and paris of course carries us through...i so want to visit some day...

  3. You have captured the essence (at least for me) of Paris...

    It is all about love.

    Beautiful and provocative poem, Barbara.

    Lady Nyo

  4. So romantic! 'but I have been in love"......and "able to move well on its own, throughout the sculpted streets of loving". Beautiful!!!!! And so Paris!

  5. Some great phrasing, Barbara, and once again an interesting take on producing the poem on the right.

    But, I wonder, is Paris the person?!

  6. As Paris knows of it, as the naive and seasoned alike know of it. Lovely.

  7. i've been in love too..
    and paris doesnt know it...:(

  8. I love Paris.

    And yes - I'm very pro Nun...but no Pens Jerseys in the Monastery/Nunnery/Temple.