Saturday, March 26, 2011

so if i lie to you

so if i lie to you today
would you follow me to the store
and watch the old men buy pickles
and complain about having
to listen to children beg their
mothers for sugar puffs and ice cream
or would you reach for
the doorknob on your own - without my warmth
and step away
into the night, its not that
i have lied.  i just
thought I'd ask
because asking questions (i read somewhere) keeps the dendrites
and thinking about things like there being more to the cosmos
than a sun that politely wakes me
in the morning, because you
and the cat
always forget - or maybe its because the seasons pass so quickly
and should i soon fall
under the spell of some evil fairy godmother
and take up lying
would i then have to
plan on purchasing bananas, all
by myself

copyrighted 2011


  1. The lived life does lull us, with duty and its dulliing toil; how to keep the eye fresh, keep love alive in that first-kiss way, see the world anew in the next poem--to keep the dendrites firing, as you say? The questions are important -- on the page, for sure, in the life -- well, they can run the risk of unsettling a balance that's so hard to keep, and end up resolving into -- unanswered question. Loved the progression here, a temporary stay against having to buy bananas solo. - Brendan

  2. i got a kick out of this! funny, quirky and sweet.

  3. Did you lie? prolong?...or did you opt to tell the truth? I'm asking you questions to keep the dendrites firing...lovely write...simple and poignant