Sunday, February 13, 2011

from the blue

sometimes I tire of reading, everything in blue
and choose an earthen stone
to ease this crusted mind
a blanket breath
of copper that begs this mortal heart
 cast a shield
 cast an armor from the blue
 from all that is given or known of time

take passage, take a wisdom, take rest
in solitude of still
 where a boundless sun
knows capture by a lady, a goddess of his own
with a virtues bail required
allowing life's repose - composed by harp of Lyra
 to an ancient siren's song

(blue) awaiting

 ransom by a Pharaoh
 or a
wistful cloud that
drifts along

copyrighted 2011

Lyra is a Northern Hemisphere constellation - the Lyre or Harp


  1. very nice!! good response to the prompt - the lines "a blanket breath
    of copper that begs this mortal heart" are great!!

  2. Followed you all the way through brilliant

  3. "a wistful cloud that drifts along" what a relaxing thought that is. Nice poem for the prompt today..

  4. Great images, Barbara. Not sure about the right alignment, but it could grow on me.

  5. Nicely done. I especially like the imagery in the second stanza.

  6. Gordon, yes -- was struggling with this one - any suggestions are always welcome from you....bkm

  7. i am left wanting to sigh...or just go look through that window...lovely imagery bk

  8. Beautifully done, Barbara. Loved the image too :)

  9. This is really a fine poem, Barbara. Every bit of it is luminous and your use of color and image to evoke emotion and thought is exceptionally clear here. I like everything you write, but this is going on my favorites list.

  10. Beautifully written, lovely imagery.

    "sometimes I tire of reading, everything in blue
    and choose an earthen stone" is a poem in itself.

  11. I agree with Zouxzoux. a fantastic opening.

  12. I absolutely adore the cadence of this. It begs to be spoken aloud. The images and emotions evoked from the colors are beautiful.

  13. This is a breathing out, an exhalation, only underlined by the placement of the words. Beautiful imagery throughout, vivid with color and emotions. Not going to pick a favorite, like too many of them. Just thank you for sharing,


  14. Stunning beauty, delicate, tender words painting an amazing ray of colors. Nice!

  15. I heard birds singing today. It's been a while and after reading this it stirred my spiritual tanks like the birds song. Deeply beautiful.

  16. I enjoyed this, the thoughts, wonderings, what ifs, and the right-sided alignment of the poem was an effective visual that added to the mood of this, for me...

  17. I get the roundabout away from thought to thought, releasing one floor of it to get to deeper, higher, wider, wilder realms of it, as if the surfaces we're so attached to -- a book in the hand, lines on paper -- are like Arionhod's mere, so much blue hiding the castle down under. Loved it. - Brendan

  18. Such beautiful thoughts in this piece it! :-)

  19. oh i love your unusual, creative and cool

  20. If you have a crusted mind your writing surely does not reveal that...