Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Rediscovering Gold

listening to Norah Jones sing
"come away with me, and....."
finds me uneasy in
submitting to the local sewing circle
member mediocratiy, and its obedience to
hand applique has me rethinking paths - and
a small town can be so unforgiving

i slip away.. passing the dry goods store
claiming a misplaced needle
in a haystack - head out a back road
a backdoor misfit, feeling fit in
boots, jeans, black leather..i can
still  retain some dignity.... driven towards
gold country, Amador, Calavaras..in
search of  like hopefuls - miners and angels
sipping on chardonnay, Norah Jones and
rediscovering nuggets of self

copyrighted 2010

Posted for One Shot Wednesday: Where Poets, Writers and Artists Meet

Note:  For any Mark Twain lovers this area is where Twain wrote the "Jumping Frog of Calavaras County"  and lived for awhile - the whole area permeates with history ....bkm


  1. ha - this was nice - norah jones and miners and angels sipping on chardonnay...you captured this uneasy feeling well..small towns can be unforgiving..

  2. Coming from a small town, I know the feeling.

  3. Once you find that needle, it's time to hit the road. Some aren't meant for small...very good exploration of identity and where it takes you.

  4. Strong country-centric/town feel to this. Excellent.

  5. i like how you play with language and sprinkle small town images throughout. Was just listening to Norah Jones a minute ago. :-)

  6. Oh, I do love that song by Norah Jones (a sort of plaintive longing in her voice). I love the seeming incongruence of

    claiming a misplaced needle
    in a haystack

    miners and angels
    sipping on chardonnay

    Enjoyed the read.

  7. Love the gold country metaphor for the search for true gold. Well done. Thank you for this.

    And isn't Amador county lovely?

  8. This was gorgeous, bkm. I love Nora Jones (now I'm going to have to put her CD on and lose myself in her music). What a gorgeous area you live in.

  9. Such a beautiful picture. I know that small town life way too well. It's easy to lose any ideas of doing something different that all the other locals. Nicely expressed.

  10. I always felt the same way about suburbia..sewing, gardening, other's children (ad nauseum) nothing of quickness, art, poetry, beauty, fast lives, smart people. I love a city--a really large city. Well written, I took the trip and the verre de vin with you. Thanks,
    Gay @beachanny

  11. I liked this poem a lot and the imagery you used was awesome. I relate to it so well. :)

  12. This poem certainly strikes a very recent chord with me....I've been ranting on my blog about the 'mindlock' of my southern community...which is mostly made up now of Northerners! (I am one of those myself)....but what has happened is the pull is to 'conform' in some damn, deceitful way (deceitful to your own inner drums....) and we need a serious rebellion here.

    I love how you sneak out for a needle (in a haystack...LOL) and hit the road.

    The imagery is quirky, fresh and REAL! no bs.

    Lady Nyo

  13. Small towns often grow small minds. But there are those who chart out a big city and open country in their imaginations like yourself.
    Maybe the contrast is your best alli. Nice write.

  14. I like the poem and the picture is a lovely one, Norah Jones has such a lovely voice, love listening to her sing.

    Being a country girl, I love heading out the back road, so peaceful drifting down a back road...

  15. having grown up in a small town...i can agree...like the blend of flavors in this one...

  16. Love it all! I hear the music softly play in the background of your words. Thanks

  17. This was golden; an angel in boots and black leather... love the imagery and love the gorgeous photo image you chose.

  18. Loved this so much! The Norah Jones, the Chardonnay, the restless "backdoor misfit" feeling - wonderful poem!

  19. Dear BKM

    The feelings of countryside and the way you have brought old world charm is perfect.. I enjoyed it...
    Thanks for sharing..

    ॐ नमः शिवाय
    Om Namah Shivaya
    Twitter: @VerseEveryDay
    Blog: http://shadowdancingwithmind.blogspot.com

  20. I love this. Can't really tell you how much.

    I guess I just wanted to say that it speaks to me. Of truth. Of wholeness. Of knowing one's self. Love this.

  21. I grew up in a small town too. there were no secrets...I like my quiet very few neighbors, rural living now. Great writing, as usual :)

  22. This blew me away! I just came from vacationing out West (Nevada, Utah, and Arizona mountains) and I must say it is unlike anything I've ever experienced. I can barely put my spiritual experience into words. And by the way, small towns can seem so unforgiving...until you really need them, and the people always step up to help.

  23. Sometimes we just need to get out there and breathe the open-minded air to clear the cobwebs. I really liked this. There are so many wonderful images.

  24. You took me right there with you in gold country....truly beautifully written as always Bkm...i love it! :-)

  25. Great juggling of images on the way out the door-- lovely write!

  26. i left a small town and hit the lights...can so understand this...as always well written pete