Friday, October 8, 2010

Is is Youth..

is it youth that writes poetry? is it..?
while the elders reminiscence
it is youth that calls to the new order
with its unrelented suicidal death wish?

bleed me,
beat me -
without question or cause
let me die in your arms
without deaths fatal pause --

oh! youth I; I too can scant recall
that intense need for death
daily - someone,
anyone, do you see me fall -

is it you youth ?  that writes - a leverage
crossing that invisible timeline
of dancing on life's narrow wire -
while those now sage - quietly sip
on wine and...view your the fatal fire....

copyrighted 2010


  1. smiles. youth have definitely found a voice in poetry...seen some amazing slammers that are only kids...i think in many ways they are creative and push that envelope more than the mature...

  2. "dancing on life's narrow wire..." beautiful poem, bkm!

  3. Wow. This is brilliant. Just brilliant. Love and Light, Sender

  4. Interesting poem, BKM. The difference between "youth" and "sage." I am glad that both are writing; and it is my hope that both will read and appreciate the works of the other.

    I liked your expression of:

    'crossing that invisible timeline
    of dancing on life's narrow wire'

  5. I love the questions you have asked in this poem, BKM. It makes me reflect on the difference between the poetry of 'youth' and 'sage.'

  6. Oustanding poem... And good question... The youth within which remains despite age is that which poems...

  7. bkm,

    A very interesting look at the quality of the experience, we call life and how we use it, with our words....

    Best wishes,

  8. I love your words; I loved "dancing on life's narrow wire". Poem to ponder;I really don't think of age, I'm in the middle, nor youth or sage. I think of the talent, the view the extension of sensory perception~ Great poem!

  9. Nice poem..I have shared my award with you and hope you did'nt see it.Here is the link.
    Get your award!

  10. There is a tremendous amount of truth in this.

  11. I've always been a fan of poetry. It's such an amazingly personal medium for expressing our tangled thoughts, whether young or old. I don't think that age really matters; the voice might change a bit as you age...and gain life's wisdom in disappointment, regret, and certainly celebration, but your essence doesn't change. You had some awesome lines in this one...while those now sage - quietly sip
    on wine and...view your the fatal fire....

  12. love your courage,
    excellent writing!

  13. Bkm this is truly amazing!!...The questions we all ask in our true and brave...i love it! :-)