Sunday, August 8, 2010

Gather the Water Can

Magpie Tales #26

let us gather the water can
it sits on the garden wall
it has been sitting there all summer
i recall - since
our walk now months ago

we will need to store it now
before fall winds and winter's snow
i know we have another - that appears to serve us well,
but the old one is my favourite
darling, that you can surely tell

let us together head to the garden
to gather the water can -
it was the first one that you bought me
remember, when the garden's youth matched ours
then too you would accompany
me to the garden

where we gathered love
for endless hours...

copyrighted 2010

Note:  I will be traveling most of next week - so I do not know if I will be able to check in on everyones tale ...will do my best as time permits......blessings to everyone....bkm


  1. Lovely Magpie, a story about true love, I loved the line:
    'remember, when the garden's youth matched ours-

  2. I used to have an old metal watering can that I had been my parents', and which I could well remember lugging around as I "helped" them do gardening. I had it for ages and it always made me glad to see it. Then, when my son was young, he and a friend decided it was just an old watering can and pounched holes through it for some non-reason. I was really upset about it. I remember telling them, just because it seems valueless to you, doesn't make it so.

  3. I think it's interesting how many writers thought of lovers, love and old memories. Enjoyed your Magpie!

  4. where we gather love for many hours...i like that alot...

  5. communal love to bring forth a new life...

  6. A lovely Magpie.

    ' was the first one that you bought me
    remember, when the garden's youth matched ours...'

    Lovely line.

  7. Wonderfully written magpie! Excellent post!


  8. pleasant and promising tale.
    loved it!

  9. sweet! And I am living proof that the old ones are the best ones! We scrub up well, too!

  10. lovingly written...all from a simple photo of a watering can!

  11. A lovely piece BKM

  12. Dear bk mackenzie: Touching poem of true love which survives the years to become old (but with a lovely patina!). Love this line;

    "but the old one is my favourite
    darling, that you can surely tell"

    Yes, the old one is my favourite too! AbSOULutely!!!

  13. that is the kind of romance i would love to find in the garden.

    nicely magged!

  14. This is very charming. I really like the phrase "when the garden's youth matched ours." It speaks of a lifetime of sharing and growing together.

  15. Love, when true, always remains forever... whether it is towards a person, or towards an object... And when the objects is part of the love shared between 2 humans, it really has a special place in their place...
    This was a beautiful and moving poem... a lovely read!

  16. Lovely. The gathering and the love: "when the garden's youth/matched ours." Very nice.

  17. bkm,
    a poem,
    a garden,
    a love,
    maturing with a little water
    and a little sun.
    Beautiful piece.

  18. Old favourites are the best! Lovely.