Wednesday, September 25, 2019


the characteristics of my shadow
can be framed and thought
no structure or reform in this dwelling place
i (alone) can sit here fixed
upon layers of green
         why? blue sky so subtle
         cottoned, combed white

(i) could leave this framed world
only to be lonely,
transparent - so lost on a prismatic stage
of character...

this world preferred
thoughtless but those my very own
emptied and purged
that god (alone) make himself so willingly known
in the freeing of a tear
as (i) gaze
          upon his face

bkmackenzie 2019

photo a gift of presence


  1. Such a cleverly constructed poem - insightful and touching

  2. An askant willowy thought moves under and behind these lines, the fleeting shadow of -- what? -- that we are / were here where God is / was. What is present is framed, is it not? Like a poem, like heartbeats, though the mind moves in and out of shadows ...

  3. You really have me thinking about the shadow that is not matter but real and my own reflection.

  4. Deep one. I get a sense of shadowwork...acknowledging the light and dark.

  5. I love the description of the blue sky, subtle, cotton, combed white. Wow!

  6. I often wonder how much the darkness inside of a person can be seen on bright summer day.

    Excellent writing that I read several times.

  7. Wow, so much depth in the arches of light and shadow!
    Wonderful write~

  8. Fascinating construction which moves beautifully.

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