Monday, January 31, 2011

Jane Austen dwells..

Jane Austen dwells
within these walls; toned once
impassive halls of dread - lost of heart
feared all love shed.   She
lit a lantern near
the stair - where I had kept her
hidden there, and with kindest word of discipline, she begged my heart
to let her in, to take

the jacket from the book, its
offering of leather grey, and 
read the pages
filled with a time - warmer, gentler than I
here could find, much kinder than I now
could find ,and as

the binding spoke to me, soft engraved with grace so rare
then to my heart with each word
read -  she took her step from room
to room to place her rest
nearest my bed - and with lantern lit
throughout the night
she held true to promise with break of day...

reciting love throughout
these halls... as, Jane Austen now dwells
within these walls

copyrighted 2011

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  1. Jane Austen is one of my heroines so naturally I adored this sumptuous ode to her. Your words and stanzas always flow beautifully hun, thank you ever so much for writing this x

  2. smiles. i love old books...the smells the feelings and yes even the love they bring in between their words...nice write.

  3. This was like a melody! I will never forget nights where certain words elevated me beyond the darkness of my world and into the brilliant array of the creative mind....LOVE THIS :)

  4. What a terrific tribute! This was sumptuous and really lovely - and being an Austen fan, I so enjoyed it.

  5. Reading Austen is what makes my dullest nights extraordinary. It's wonderously nice of you to honor her with this piece.

  6. A beautiful tribute to Austen, Barb. I love Austen.

  7. Austen is a force that could easily move in and take over-and who would want her to leave? The woman could write, and so can the woman who penned this tribute.

  8. Beautifully written poem, BKM. Makes me want to read Jane Austen.

  9. This has such a wonderful rhythm to it. Jane would be pleased and proud that she inspired such a tribute.

  10. An excellent homage to a phenomenal novelist and the joys of reading literature. Love it, bkm

  11. This makes me remember why there is just pure delight in curling up with an awesome book. Just gorgeous, bkm.

  12. Jane would be proud :)


  13. What a wonderful way you have with words. This was such a pleasure to read.

  14. what a wonderful piece and tribute.....

  15. You remind me that a book is a living, breathing thing, patiently awaiting being opening by a reader. It is to be fondled, cherished, loved, and read by many...over and over.

    YOU write so good.

    Did I not read that these blogs will be archived for many years? That makes them (SOME of them?--grin!) also breathing and living testaments to she and he, here and there, etc.

  16. Thank you all for your beautiful comments on this write...I really enjoyed writing it, and Yes Steve books are living breathing moments of a writers words to be cherished and shared as Jane's have been for so many years....blessings...bkm

  17. Lovely tribute--bindings do speak to us. I think Ms. Austen is smiling.

  18. bkm...this flowed in such perfection, I became lost in its words, your words. You take me to another time and place with a place where there is peace and serenity and comfort and warmth and I really need those things right now. Thank you.

    You have a way of writing about classics that make your poetry classic as well. I guess what I want to say is that you are one classy lady! :)

  19. Wow... beautiful images of Jane wandering the halls, filling each room with her glorious moments held within the leather bind. nice.

  20. What a delightful poem! It's amazing how a book really can come to life and in this case breathe love into a dwelling space. Absolutely love the rhyme and subsequent rhythm, which pulls the narration along in a such lovely manner. Great work!

  21. How we do enter and dwell in the rooms of the books and authors we love. Well done, B.K. It has that air of Austen's rooms about it.

  22. Your writing is full of such lovely lines. I love this one --> 'the binding spoke to me, soft engraved with grace so rare'

    Beautiful :)

  23. What a lovely tribute.
    I am always inspired when I visit you.

  24. what a lovely tribute - old books seem sometimes to have a life on their own..beautiful

  25. love this piece! it's wonderfully written. I think of books and not just austen books, but books that we love and how we linger on words that we have just read and re-read.

    thanks for stopping by my blog. hope you are doing well and enjoy the day.

  26. I too admire Jane Austen, so naturally I knew I would enjoy your poem. But I have to say, it was a beautiful and moving tribute. Your rhyme was music and the flow as smooth as a flowing river. Thank you so much for sharing.

  27. Again. . . literary, without being stuffy or too structured. The work is allowed to breathe, flow, do all that stuff poetry is s'posed to do.

    That is, effective, amazing work.