Wednesday, May 15, 2019

there are mostly fairies

Darling, let's
do a picnic today under this
blue haven sky; let's take
your favorite blanket to
the trees and lie

Oh Mommy, can we
take my teddy bear too?  Can
we dress him in his green
jacket and yes picnic shoes?

    And what? will we see there under
     the trees
     Will there be lilies and sweet
      honey bees?

My Darling, there are lilies
and beetles and bees

but mostly there are fairies
that hide in the leaves ---so let's

fold your blanket and dress
your sweet bear and gather
some morsels
to nourish us there...

We can talk to the fairies, and sing
with the bees, and laugh long

with teddy
under the trees

copyrighted 2019

painting by Jessica Wilcox Smith

Poets United Picnic 


  1. This is so completely lovely. Such a loving mother, such a sweet child. I loved this!

  2. Absolutely in love with this whimsical write. Can i marry your poem😊


    1. thank you Gillena..your comment made my day...bkm

  3. You make words dance bkm. Thanks for visiting my humble old blog.

  4. How beautiful this poem is as it is often better to picnic in the countryside than the beach and much more for the kids to discover.

  5. Such a beautiful poem...just loved it.

  6. The poem and the picture remind me of some of the poetry books for children we had when I was a child. They’d been handed down and we thought them very old-fashioned, but they charmed us all the same. It also brings to mind ‘The Teddy Bears’ Picnic’.

  7. Oh, what a wonderful poem! It should be included in a Children's Book.

  8. I loved your picnic!! Mommy, Teddy and me!

  9. A most blissful picnic poem, with great innocence attached to it. From a bygone era..Beautiful...