Sunday, May 26, 2019

filled empty

what? is a love affair
                (a)           love affair

the tree is fogged and without
the air is still and silent ---empty and alone

footsteps travel the marks
left in the wood - years do that and comfort 
is acceptance 
in a dim light....

there are two chairs in different rooms
and a song heard but seldom
in unison....

(it is) love
it is life
it is everything dreamed of and hoped for....
that is what vows are, life, dreams...

laughter is still heard (muffled and guarded)

a kiss goodnight
a grocery list complete for the morning.....but

what?  is a love affair
               a love affair is everything vows are not 
               a love affair is one passion, one song, one promise always and forever

be separate, apart, distant  
                                a love affair is maybes and ifs and whens

it is little wicked i love yous ....whispered and untouched

a love affair  is a promise
                         (a)    filled empty....

bkmackenzie 2019


  1. Sometimes there are no answers for our questions...maybe because it looks different from every angle? Maybe the answer would be different for each person? Perhaps a love affair, is something felt in a moment, never acted upon...carried through years of what might have been? A love affair is what is offered, never given? Lovely write.

    1. i like your take on this Annell --a love affair is what is offered never given....forever non-committed --i do not know if the love is less or more or the pain in losing is either...just a different take on a relationship....bkm

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