Wednesday, April 24, 2019


Socks come in different colors and length
Some white socks are gray
washed with jeans
And dirty boys clothes
Some socks don’t match (exactly)
when socks don’t match - (ex-act-ly) there is a lot of hope (ing) no one notices (EXACTly) the socks or the
scratches on my dirt caked legs

Some girls ( (like)..Marsh-aaaa)
Have smooth ,soft legs
With socks of same length and same whiteness
But not all socks are white or soft or smooth

Some socks are blue
washed in the sink, rung by hand
placed in front of a stove
to dry by morning There are special prayers for these socks that they do dry by morning
But not all sock prayers are
And a wet blue sock in winter is pure purgatory

Then there are high socks that need a garter belt without one to be found - or even a mother to show you how to use a garter belt if you had one
So you improvise with a string or a rubber band - hope they
Stay up during Midnight Christmas Mass as you walk to meet the Baby Jesus
During Holy Communion - (“Please Baby Jesus you pray under your breath watch over my high socks so they don’t fall down during communion - please Jesus you can skip the presents this year , just the socks please")

It’s all in the socks
The stories I mean , lots of stories lots of unfulfilled promises, prayers and dreams
Prayers that fall out like small rocks falling out the hole on the bottom of some well worn socks
Or shoes for that matter
But shoes are a whole different chapter
Best left for a warm
summers day

bkmackenzie 2019

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  1. Yes, shoes are always another complete chapter. I so love this Barbara!

  2. This is my favorite poem read so far today! Love it. Socks have so many different personalities...most of which I hadn't contemplated before. I especially like the blue socks hung to dry over night & the special prayers that they DO dry by morning. And, alas, sometimes varieties of the same sock are not all the same; and whiteness does vary. Smiles. This poem was really inspired!!

    1. the girl who wore those socks will ever remain in my memory...bkm

  3. I'm with Mary. This poem DELIGHTS me. Made me smile. I love the socks in the photo. Love "but not all sock prayers are answered." They say a good poet can find a poem in anything. You found a delightful one about socks. Lovely to see you, Barbara.

    1. thank you so much Sherry...i love the memories they are past but the girl remains that worn all those socks...she will ever remain...bkm

  4. this is a real delight to read!
    Marsha is lucky but you are unique because not many people can write about socks. :)

    1. thank you...the memories are precious to me now...bkm

  5. I love this... every sock has a story, and I know that sometimes they are lost in the laundry.

  6. This is seriously a delight to read!❤️ I love how you give different shades and stories to socks.

  7. This held me right to the end, with smiles and nods all along the way - great write b-mac...

  8. Great Piece. I Select My Socks wisely... : )

  9. A delightful read (ex-ACT-ly) from beginning to end.

  10. Well, this certainly was a wonder full read. Love it! Just LOVE the eloquent way you pinned so many memories, foibles and insecurities onto socks. A very creative 'take' on an 'ordinary' something we put ourselves into, almost every day of our lives.

  11. This is the best read I've had in a while. Absolutely loved it and could identify with much of it.


  12. Best prayng for your socks not to fall down rather than your bloomers, broken elastic. held together with safety pins

  13. I must be buying the right socks as I have had some pairs for many years and each pair eagerly wait to picked out of the sock drawer each morning.