Thursday, September 5, 2019

writing it down

we come to writing as if it were simple
and at times it is; at times painful -
but we come to it none the less - placing words
on a page blank or otherwise, sometimes
lined, sometimes stained; stained
from years of drinking coffee and ink dripping -
stained from years of visitations in your head,
nagging like a ringing in your ear driving you mad --- "write it down,"
it says "just write it down."
so you find paper, any paper, a pen, pour the
coffee - and do as you were told
(if only to stop the voices)....."that's it, write it down
before you forget" ---( if only to appease the voices )... but they never stop....
and you will simply never stop....


bkmackenzie 2010
copyrighted reworked 2019

1 comment:

  1. ah to be a writer. the compulsion, the need, the expression